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Steam Phishing gets automated

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Steamed phish

The Steam Sale is hitting its peak and people are practically living on Steam – did you vote yet and get another card? Well, someone might be trying to get your cards, and more, and the phishing scam has gotten even easier to fall for.

Previously, the best that Phishers could do was work around the Steam Guard in a way that meant victims had to be gullible while still being PC savvy. The old version used fake Steam login pages that then asked users to find the Steam Guard SSFN file and send it through. The SSFN file is what your computer holds on the machine to verify your identity so that you don’t need to verify with Steam Guard every time that you login. Obviously, sending this to anyone is not a good idea, but now the scammers have gotten more clever.

The new scam uses fake profiles loaded with non-existent rare items from games as well as plenty of cards for trading – what a way to lure people in. From there, victims are directed to a fake Steam page so that they can trade. When they login, they receive the message:

Hello! We see you’re logging into Steam from a new browser or new computer.
As an added account security measure you’ll need to grant access to this browser by running the special tool (SteamGuard) we just sent to your computer.
To complete login you should click to open tool, then authentication is automatically completed.
We worry about your security and every time improve protection

Running the file which claims to be Steam Guard actually locates the Steam folder, grabs the SSFN file itself and uploads it to the phishing website. With that, the scammers can login as the victim, accessing whatever you normally access on Steam – this means double trouble for those who store their credit card on the system.

Phishing is always something to be careful for online, and these guys know how desperate we all are to get that Summer Sale badge. Don’t let your desperation to trade cards get the better of you – you still need to be smart about these things, and don’t let Steam Guard lull you into a false sense of security. Now, as long as we’re talking about trading, who has some Steam Summer Sale cards for me?

Last Updated: June 27, 2014

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