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Steam players have a tantrum over Borderlands 3’s six-month Epic Store exclusivity

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With the recent announcement that Borderlands 3 will be exclusive to the Epic store on launch, players have been review bombing previous games to do…something?


Let’s be honest with ourselves here, review bombing…is nothing. It’s nothing! And it always happens when a fanbase doesn’t get what they want so rather than just accepting some news they find unpleasant, they try to get one over on the publishers and developers who worked really hard on the game. This is the case with Borderlands 3 right now, having announced a six month exclusivity deal with the Epic Games Store, fans of the series have taken to the forum to start their revolution by leaving nasty reviews on the older games in the franchise.


Which most people who enjoy Borderlands already own, so who is this meant to be affecting in any meaningful way? Review bombing has always been, to me, an absurd tantrum thrown by players when they don’t get want they want. It’s a form of protest not exclusive to video games (just look at that whole Captain Marvel nonsense) but at the end of the day, who is looking at those reviews? Borderlands 1 is 10 years old, you think leaving a nasty review will damage its sales at all? The idea that this new round of review bombing will have any effect on 2K’s decision is absurd. I can only hope 2K sees it that way or else the people working their assess off to make the game, Gearbox and all their employees, will be the ones to suffer for a deal they probably had no part in.

Steam players have a tantrum over Borderlands 3's six-month Epic Store exclusivity 2

People have waited 7 years for this game. Like, if you’ve waited that long for it and you don’t want to support the Epic Games Store, another six months isn’t gonna do you any harm.

Last Updated: April 4, 2019

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