Steam wants you to have a family meeting

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Steam has become synonymous with PC gaming. Sure, you can get plenty of DRM-free games through GoG or Humble Bundle, but Steam has that strange appeal of putting all your games in one place, adding achievements and friends. Now you can share Steam with your family, but you should talk about it first.

Steam has officially announced that Family Options are out of Beta. However, this doesn’t mean that you necessarily want to expose you children to the vile gamer scum that lurk in the shadows. Steam recommends a family meeting:

We understand every family has its own approach to establishing rules and setting limits when it comes to media, entertainment, and games. We hope most families talk through these issues together and find ways to agree on what’s realistic and fair. It sometimes seems there are as many family policies as there are families. So with Family Options, we’re introducing a new way for parents and families to establish their own rules together, using Steam.

An account with Family Options enabled will be set to Family View by default. In this view, content and features that you have restricted will be unavailable. To access additional Steam features, click on the Family View button on the main Steam view and enter your Family Options PIN. This will switch your account out of Family View, remaining this way until you return to Family View (via that same button) or log out.

This means all your worst nightmares can finally come true – your children can also get addicted to Steam, but without the fear of them seeing trolling messages or playing 18+ games. Seems like a cool system; you can even put restrictions on purchasing games with a credit card. Maybe we should all put parental restrictions on ourselves to prevent over spending. At least you can save your children from this experience ala Dorkly comic:

After the steam sale

Last Updated: January 9, 2014

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