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Stephen King makes a stand

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By Nick de Bruyne

imageIt’s really great to hear that there are some celebrities in the world willing to stand up for gaming and the controversy that consistently surrounds it.

World famous horror writer Stephen King, who is by no means a stranger to the subject of controversy, has taken a stand this week on the legislations with an article that he wrote for Entertainment Weekly. His article attacks HB 1423, a pending bill that would restrict or outright ban the sale of violent videogames to anyone under the age of 18.

If this is passed, the ratings will no longer work as a guideline for parents, but actually seek to enforce restrictions on gamers who are under the age rating. In his article he writes:

“…Now, what does and doesn’t have social merit is always an interesting question. But what makes me crazy is when politicians take it upon themselves to play surrogate parents. The results of that are usually disastrous.”

“…The most effective bar against what was called ‘the seduction of the innocent’ when this hot-button issue centered on violent comic books 60 years ago is still parents who know and care not just about what their kids are watching and reading, but what they’re doing and who they’re hanging with. Parents need to have the guts to forbid material they find objectionable… and then explain why it’s being forbidden. They also need to monitor their children’s lives in the pop culture ?which means a lot more than seeing what games they’re renting down the street.

“…Could Massachusetts legislators find better ways to watch out for the kiddies? Man, I sure hope so, because there’s a lot more to America’s culture of violence than Resident Evil 4.”

The truth is that parents are getting lazy. By pointing the finger at everyone else, they are able to happily ignore their responsibilities and let somebody else take the fall. I’d really like to see more campaigns that seek to inform and educate parents on what is appropriate for their children and where they need to draw the line.

Last Updated: April 9, 2008

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