Steve Jobs thinks Blu-Ray is overly complex

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You can ask Gareth and Nick here, I am not a fan of Apple or Steve Jobs.. Actually that’s not true I have nothing against Steve Jobs and I admire him greatly as a businessman.

I do not however rate his opinion highly when it comes to consumer electronics but he has made gazillions convincing people they need below par MP3 players and overpriced computers while I struggle with 3 jobs and no money… So granted he gets an extra point and I should possibly pay attention to what he has to say.

So now according to him Blu-Ray is a “bag of hurt”, he goes on to clarify that he thinks it’s great for movies but apparently the licencing of the technology is so complex that Apple have decided to rather sit on the side and wait for the mainstream to pick it up before joining the rush.

Interestingly they also mentioned that they are worried about the limited resolution available through HDMI… anyone able to shed some light on that for me?

Either way this is a major blow for Blu-Ray, I know certain people follow Apple like it was the gospel and if Jobsy says Blu-Ray ain’t the future then these followers won’t question him.

Source: Engadget

Last Updated: October 15, 2008

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