Steven Spielberg to direct INDIANA JONES again?

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We meet again, Dr Jones. A lot of people are talking about the next Indiana Jones movie and whether it’s a sequel, a reboot, or even a reboo-quel; but there’s little in the way of solid information coming from the Disney camp other than the wheels are slowly turning. Indiana Jones himself, Harrison Ford, has confirmed he’d be willing to don the fedora again, while Bradley Cooper was the initial front runner to replace (the admittedly aging) Ford if necessary. Then came the rumour that Chris Pratt, whose star has been on the rise since his role as Star Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, was Disney’s favoured one to crack the whip.

Now according to Deadline franchise director Steven Spielberg, who is a big proponent of Pratt, would be keen to direct the fifth movie should the script meet with his approval. There hasn’t been any real confirmation of who’s prepping the script as yet, other than Frank Darabont confirming he’s not involved this time around, so it appears it’s in the hands of his idiot cousin George Lucas again. We all remember surviving a nuclear explosion by hopping into a fridge. Hopefully Spielberg will have input on the script in order to mitigate some of the… excesses… this time around.

I have a suggestion though. The last Indy movie involved aliens (is it really a spoiler after all this time?), they never did tell us who Starlord’s father was (again), and they both hunt down artifacts… so you know what that means – GotG/Indiana Jones cross-over! Indiana Jones and the Empire of the Crystal Skrulls starring Harrison Ford and Chris Pratt raiding tombs on Knowhere as father and son duo, with a cameo by grandfather Sean Connery to complete the family adventure anyone?

Last Updated: February 23, 2015

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