Stop Playing Homework and Do Your Video Games – A Video Game Quintet

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This is the most charming video you’ll see all day, seriously. It’s an old one, dating back to 2009, but it’s one that’s still worth looking at. A string quintet – two violins, two cellos and a viola – unite to bring you a medley of beautfiful video game music. A live performance for Seattle’s Marrowstone in the City program in 2009, it mostly features music, as you’d guess by the performers’ attire,  from Nintendo classics – but there are a few surprises thrown in. It’s beautifully arranged, exquisitely performed, and well worth 7 minutes of your time.

…and they say videogames don’t teach you anything.

[thanks to @andyroyal for the tip]

Last Updated: June 22, 2011

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