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The story of Destiny Part 3 – Rise of the Guardians

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Destiny Lore (3)

And the story continues! Here’s part three of our retrospective of the Destiny story so far, as we cover the rise of your Guardian and a quest that saw the Black Heart of the Vex utterly destroyed.

The exile of Osiris

Destiny Lore (1)

With the Battle of Twilight Gap over, humanity began to reorganise. Lord Shaxx took over the Crucible and reformed it to train new Guardians to replace all of those who fell in battle, while the Hive-obsessed Warlock Osiris was banished from the City. Making his way to the Reef, Osiris and his newly formed cult began work on the Trials of Osiris in order to train the best of the best for a purpose that was a mystery to all but the heretic himself.

Along with his cult, Osiris would also establish a base on Mercury amidst the gleaming towers of the Vex, which would later come to be known as the Lighthouse.

The Future War Cult is formed

Destiny Lore (2)

Deeming the Concordant Faction and their leader Lysander to be too dangerous, the group was disbanded and by the Vanguard and New Monarchy, eventually replacing them with the Future War Cult. A military group, the Future War Cult steadfastly believes that the Darkness cannot be avoided and prepares for the day when they’ll be forced to battle the ancient enemy once again.

The Reef Wars end

Destiny Lore (3)

With the House of Wolves leadership all but obliterated in the Reef Wars, Awoken queen Mara Sov became their new Kell. The Wolves now working side by side with the Awoken, Mara Sov would come to regret this decision several years later…

Your legend begins

Destiny Lore (1)

Russia, the ruins of the old Cosmodrome. Asleep for who knows how long in a sea of corpses and rusted vehicles, a Ghost finds you and revives you for the eternal struggle against the Darkness. A lone Hunter watches this resurrection, before sinking back into what may be the timestream as this Exo Hunter begins to observe your actions across all of Destiny.

Reclaiming the Cosmodrome

Destiny Lore (4)

As the latest Guardian to join the ranks of the Tower, the Vanguard tasked you with several goals that culminated with battling both the Hive and the Fallen as you chased down leads regarding a dead fireteam. Eventually making your way to the Terrestrial Complex in the heart of the Cosmodrome Skywatch, your presence and subsequent defense of the Array Station allowed the dormant warmind Rasputin to awaken and to begin reclaiming lost assets in our solar system.

Earth was only the beginning, as the planets of Venus, Mars and our own Moon were now open for travel once again. Right after a loose end is tied up, as your first strike into enemy territory has you putting an end to the Fallen Servitor Sepkis Prime as you send it screaming back into the Darkness.

The dark side of the Moon

Destiny Lore (6)

With the Traveller in danger of having its light extinguished forever, your Guardian arrived on the Moon to confront the Hive who and get to the bottom of this mystery. Discovering that the Hive had managed to obtain a shard of the Traveller and were using it as a conduit for their witches to rain it of life and light, your Guardian narrowly defeated the forces present and restored the fragment to its rightful owner.

Destiny Lore (9)

After many centuries of inactivity, the Traveller was finally ready to begin healing itself. The Hive threat wasn’t vanquished entirely however. A new Strike from the Vanguard had Guardians assembling to assault the Summoning Pits beneath the Moon, as the Hive had begun breeding new horrors. Their combined efforts had resulted in a gigantic Ogre named Phogoth the Untamed, an abomination that was soon destroyed and left to rot in these pits.

Journey to Venus

Destiny Lore (5)

Arriving on the second planet from our Sun, you quickly found the location overrun with not only the Fallen but the Vex as well. Seeking the location of the Black Garden from the Awoken, Queen Mara Sov demanded a tribute in the form of the head of a Vex Gate Lord. Barely surviving the trials of Venus and another brief encounter with the enigmatic Exo Stranger, your Guardian descended even deeper into the Ishtar Academy to prevent the Vex from terraforming the planet.

With the tribute paid and the Fallen routed in a strike that claimed the lives of the Servitor Simiks-3, Baron Grayliks and the Kell Draksis, it was time to head to Mars. The dead eye of Zydron in your hands, your Guardian now had access to the Black Garden on Mars, but more importantly, still owed the Queen of the Awoken a debt that would be collected in time.

Return to the red planet

Destiny Lore (11)

Thanks to Rasputin carrying out an orbital strike to divide Vex and Cabal forces, the Exclusion Zone was softened up for the return of the Guardians. Humanity was now at war with the Cabal thanks to this act of aggression, as the Vanguard ordered new Strikes that dealt a severe blow to their leadership when Valus Ta’aurc was slain before his legion  Siege Dancers along with his mighty land tank, the Cerebus  Vae III.

A further strike would see Guardians rescue the Martian warmind in the city of Freehold, defeating Cabal Psion Flayers in a climatic battle. After a few more battles, Guardians eventually made their way into the heart of the Black Garden. A realm that existed outside of time, the greatest battle of that era was waged as your Guardian fought back against the Black Heart itself, a sliver of the Darkness whose death finally allowed Humanity to reclaim their solar system and the Traveller to heal further as the light returned.

The Vault of Glass and the return of a forgotten Hunter

Destiny Lore (10)

Even with the Darkness dealt a significant blow, anger was not yet over. The Vault of Glass was now open on Venus, a raid that would see your Guardian wield the Aegis of Kabr to finally stop the Vex and their Time Conflux from overtaking Venus and halting their progress in our cosmic backyard. Eris Morne, thought lost to the Darkness after the assault on Crota would also finally escape the Moon with a grave warning.

Crota was returning.

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