The Story of Destiny Part 4 – The New Guardian Age

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Destiny Lore part 4 (2)

And the story continues! Here’s part four of our retrospective of the Destiny story so far, as we cover The Dark Below and the rebellion of the House of Wolves.

The Return of Crota

Destiny Lore part 4 (5)

Eris Morne, the only surviving member of the ill-fated Fireteam that stopped Crota the Hope-Eater from launching an assault on Earth, resurfaces. Having spent years trapped within the Moon of Earth and barely surviving, Eris Morne returned to the Tower with a dire warning: Crota was returning.

Six of us went down into the Pit. Only one crawled out. I am Eris…the last. I have seen what the Hive call a god.

Crota…son of Oryx.

He took everything from me! He will turn his eyes to Earth, and only the true weapon of the Light can stop his wrath. Now you must face what lurks in the dark below…

Destiny Lore part 4 (1)

Recruiting any Guardian who would listen to her, Eris Morne’s warning of a new Hive onslaught were proven true. Led by the Hive Wizard Omnigul, Hive forces began landing on Earth as they prepared the planet for the return of Crota. This invasion was short-lived however, as Eris worked with the Vanguard to direct Guardians in a series of targeted missions to disrupt the leadership of Crota’s army. Omnigul herself eventually fell, as Guardians tracked her to the Jovian Complex underneath the Skywatch and ended her threat once and for all.

Crota’s End

With Earth safe from Crota’s forces and elite knights, a fireteam of Guardians assaulted his temple in a last-ditch effort to prevent his soul from being woken in a new physical form on the Moon. The Wakening Crystal disrupted and destroyed, Crota’s soul remained in his Ascendant Realm. Realising that Crota would merely bide his team until he could launch a new offensive, the Guardians entered his Throne World and brought the fight to the God Knight himself.

In Crota’s Court, a chalice of light containing the remnants of Eriana-3’s fireteam healed the Guardians who faced him in a titanic battle that ended with Crota being slain with his own sword. But in his final breath, Crota would scream out to his father and the God-King of the Hive itself. Oryx heard the death-screams of his son, and readied his army for a campaign of vengeance.

Destiny Lore part 4 (3)

The Taken King began his march towards Earth.

The House of Wolves Rebellion

Destiny Lore part 4 (8)

For reasons unknown, the Nine release the Fallen Kell Skolas from their jail and send him back towards the Awoken in a new Ketch ship. Their true Kell free and their leadership restored, the House of Wolves betrayed the Awoken and proceeded to slaughter as many of the Reef Dwellers as possible as their forces began reassembling.

Destiny Lore part 4 (4)

Outraged at this betrayal, Awoken Queen Mara Sov calls forth any and all Guardians to assist her efforts in eliminating the Wolves and capturing Skolas himself.

Kell of Kells

Destiny Lore part 4 (7)

Intent on fulfilling a prophecy that would result in Skolas leading all Fallen houses as the “Kell of Kells”, Fallen Wolves began chasing after Vex technology on Venus. Attempting to become a machine god that would possess all the Vex secrets of time and space, Skolas was eventually routed on Venus and captured alive. Intending to send a message to any who would dare betray her, Queen Mara Sov sentenced Skolas to battle and die in the Prison of Elders, a task that the Guardians ably handled as they ended the House of Wolves leadership for good.

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Last Updated: September 14, 2016

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