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STRAFE has been funded, so celebrate with a new disturbing trailer

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I kind of like the idea of STRAFE. All the action of classic shooter games, with virtually none of the advancements of the previous two decades added on top of it. It looks simple, gory and it has my nostalgia-sense tingling. Naturally, it’s the kind of game that needed some crowdfunding love. Which it got, and then some.

The STRAFE Kickstarter has now gone over the $185 096 goal that it needed. As of the time that this post was written, it’s sitting at $204 026 worth of pledges which is just shy of the first stretch goal of $250 000, for a co-operative play mode. To celebrate, the game has a new trailer out, which is cheaper, weirder, Dubsteppier and possibly psychedelicier than the previous advert that they made for the game:

The game is looking kind of damn good. I’m not a fan of crowdsourcing, but I’d happily throw some cash at a finished product. In case you;re unaware of the game, STRAFE is a procedurally-generated shooter with old school visuals and gameplay. Like Quake 2, but on the grooviest of drugs and filled with gratuitous violence. Naturally, this appeals quite a bit to me. If, unlike me, you are into that whole crowdfunding initiative, the game will still be taking donations on its official site in order to deliver some stretch goals.

Meanwhile, I’m going to give that alpha demo build of the game another go, and get my old-school fix for the morning by covering myself in the pixelated blood of my slain foes.

Last Updated: February 19, 2015

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