Street Fighter 4: 360 Tournament – Ken vs Sagat

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After seeing some proper footage of Street Fighter 4’s gameplay I have become rather excited about it. At first, I didn’t really like how the characters felt heavier but after a while I really started warming up to the new feel and realised that if nothing had changed then there wouldn’t be a point to the game now would there?

I love the little details that have been added in, such as the dust coming off of Ken as he does the Sho-Ryuken uppercut and the frame rate is so smooth that it really does give it a really polished look and feel.

This tournament footage has some decent players going head to head, so we can definitely get a good feel of how the game is going to play. I haven’t touched many fighting games lately, but was impressed with Soul Caliber 4 and SSF2 HD Remix, so I think I will be giving this title a serious look when it releases on February 14th.

Last Updated: January 15, 2009

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