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Street Fighter IV Is Coming To iPhone/iPod – Seriously

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It is an understatement to say that I am a massive Street Fighter IV fanatic, seriously, I play it way too much. Even for someone like me, this news is rather strange and unexpected.

IGN have reported that Street Fighter IV is coming to the iPhone this March. How in the heck it’s going to work… well, I have no clue. I’m still kind of excited at the idea of having a version of SFIV with me wherever I go, so I hope that Capcom somehow manages to pull this off.

Interested? More after the jump.

Over the basic arcade mode, the game will feature a dojo training mode as well as the ability to play multiplayer over Bluetooth with a buddy.

Interestingly, Capcom have taken assets directly from the arcade/console versions and merely scaled them down, meaning that the game really does maintain the same look and feel of the originals.

Capcom also seem to be pretty confident that they have done all that they can to make the controls work on the small screen, but unless it’s something very special, I can see this game being almost unplayable.

For the time being, only Ken and Ryu have been announced but Capcom are promising to include some of the favorites from the console versions.

I really didn’t see this coming, let’s see how it pans out in the end.

More details and Images through the IGN link below.

Source: IGN

Last Updated: February 16, 2010

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  1. aion database

    February 17, 2010 at 01:04

    Since Capcom promised that each player will have their complete moves sets – including their ultras, that’s good enough for me. It may lack something on graphics and harder on controls, I can probably get used to it after a while.


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