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Street Fighter V is adding the super awesome Dan Hibiki to its roster, and some other losers

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There’s a shocking lack of asphalt punching or tarmac headlocks in Street Fighter games, with most of the action focused on competitors fighting each other instead. False advertising, am I right? Anyway, the Street Fighter V roster has grown nicely over the years, and it’s about ready to introduce a final season of new characters to the mix in the Champion Edition of the game.

Four of those characters have been revealed, but the only one you need to get hyped about is Dan Hibiki. Mother-lovin’ Dan Hibiki, master of Saikyo Style martial arts and able to rock a pink gi like no one else can. According to Capcom’s Street Fighter dev team, Dan’s also entering the arena with a few new tricks up his non-existent sleeves:

Dan has always had a dominating and unique fighting style with the “Saikyo-ryu” style and his trademark “Taunt.” He’s also known for his quest to avenge his father, Gou Hibiki, who was defeated by Sagat. You may have spotted his sister, Yuriko Hibiki in the in-game store! Dan’s new special move is “Danretsuken,” a multiple punch attack which debuted as one of Dan’s moves in Ultra Street Fighter IV’s Omega Mode.

Finally, Dan’s “Taunt” has evolved, making it much more useful in battle!

Oh hell yes! While he’s mostly seen as a joke character, Dan has always been one of my favourites in Street Fighter, due to his tenth degree black belt in overconfidence. He’s proper devastating in the hands of a master, which makes for a hilarious showdown when his unique offense takes the spotlight. In addition to Dan, Rose, Oro, Akira and a mystery fifth fighter were also revealed. Here’s a few more quick breakdowns on them:


SFV SV (3)

Rose, a Fortune Teller working in Genoa, Italy, is able to utilize her unique Soul Power. She’s also Menat’s Master and teacher. Originally from the Street Fighter Alpha series, Rose has a mysterious connection with M. Bison.

Her fighting style was originally designed to have strong anti-projectile and anti-air attacks. Please look forward to how she has changed for SFV when she’s added to the game in the future! We also remember that the Soul Satellite was pretty strong back in Street Fighter IV, so please tune in for more information on that as well!


SFV SV (4)

Oro uses only one of his arms to fight by utilizing various unorthodox attacks, including balls of light and pulling rocks from the ground to orbit around him as a shield. Although you can see he has both arms out in this sketch, one of them is holding… a turtle! This is actually a part of Oro’s fighting style, as he challenges himself to keep the turtle in his hand balanced during the fight.

Oro’s age is over 130 years old and, apparently, he refers to Dhalsim as “Youngster.”


SFV SV (5)

We are currently developing Akira so that we utilize Rival School’s originality as well as incorporating new ways to play. We can’t wait to share more on how Akira’s playstyle will evolve for Street Fighter V.

Most of these characters are still in production, and aside from Dan’s release in the US 2020 winter season, the rest will be coming in 2021. In addition to the final roster updates, season 5 will also include more than 30 new character costumes and four new stages. New gameplay mechanics and other tweaks are “adding even more gameplay enhancements and depth to the game’s combat system,” according to Capcom.

Last Updated: August 6, 2020


  1. And some other losers? Darryn, have you finally found fame? They’re adding you to the game?



  2. SagatatiaRZA

    August 6, 2020 at 08:10

    Rival Schools’ Akira?! Where the hell is my Rival Schools sequel?


  3. Pariah

    August 6, 2020 at 10:04

    And some other losers? Darryn, have you finally found fame? They’re adding you to the game?



  4. Skyblue

    August 6, 2020 at 22:04

    Where the hell is Fei Long already?!?


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