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Street Fighter V’s latest update brings Urien, stage KO’s and vs CPU mode

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I’m a huge fan of Street Fighter – and even I have to admit that Street Fighter V’s been a huge disappointment. The core fighting may be good, but launching the game as an evolving service instead of a product hurt.

It may have been fine for the competitive community, but the average consumer wants something they can play, online or off, without getting bored an hour in. It’s been over six months since launch, and the game still feels anaemic compared to Street Fighter IV’s launch. There’s still no single player arcade mode, and the story mode that launched in July was a miserable, cheesy disappointment.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Capcom relaunches the game at some point as a more complete version, despite their insistences that they won’t be doing that this time. It’s such a pity, because as I’ve said before, at its core it’s really fun to play (even if it isn’t really that much fun to watch). And at the very least, Capcom is keeping the game updated, adding in new features, modes and content.

The next bit of content is coming later this week, and brings Street Fighter III’s Urien to the fights. Those who played the free Story mode update would have had a sneak peek at the guy. You’ll be able to buy him using fight money, or real world money. Or just not bother with any of that by grabbing the season pass.

On that front, there are also new daily targets to help players earn that fight money, which is especially handy for those who don’t feel the need (or are unable or unwilling to breach the skill barrier) to play online. And, while the game still doesn’t have a traditional arcade ladder mode, it will be getting a vs CPU mode. There’s also some new environmental stage KO’s to make winning a little a little nicer.

Oh, and a lot of bug fixes. Here’s what’s being patched:

  • The issue which added an additional frame of lag to PlayStation 4 fight sticks on PlayStation 4 has been identified and patched. Now input time is unified across PlayStation 4, legacy controllers and PC.
  • Juri’s V-Reversal was unintentionally able to hit downed opponents under specific circumstances.  Juri’s V-Reversal was corrected so that it cannot hit downed opponents.
  • Juri’s invincibility during her V-Reversal was unintentionally short. This was corrected by setting the invincibility on Juri’s V-Reversal to 14 frames after the hit box of the move disappears.
  • When Ibuki was hit during a crouching fierce, she would unintentionally go into a standing state damage animation. This has been corrected so that when hit during a crouching fierce, Ibuki goes into a crouching state damage animation.
  • The light version of Yoga Sunburst would fire regardless of whether the player was holding down punch or not. This has been corrected so that when the charge portion of L Yoga Sunburst is guarded, holding down LP will maintain the charge motion.
  • When the tip of jumping LP hits an opponent or is guarded during Dhalsim’s V-Skill, the Critical Art gauge would increase rather than the V-Gauge. This has been corrected so when a jumping LP hits an opponent or is guarded during Dhalsim’s V-Skill, it now builds V-Gauge.
  • When Dhalsim performs an airborne Yoga Teleport against an opponent on the edge of the screen and performs a jumping attack afterwards, the jumping attack would be performed in the opposite direction of the opponent. The directional determination after Dhalsim appears from an airborne Yoga Teleport has been corrected, making it more difficult for this to occur.
  • Under certain circumstances, moves that only hit opponents in a standing state would unintentionally miss during certain standing states. This has been corrected. The hurtboxes on characters recovering from getting hit out of the air, allowing moves that are designed to hit standing characters to properly hit. Additionally throw attacks that normally miss on crouching characters will no longer be able to connect on characters recovering from getting hit out the air as they transition to a crouching state.
  • After the attack frames of Birdie’s jumping LK ended, Birdie’s hurtbox would unintentionally remain absent in his recovery frames until he landed. This has been corrected by setting a hurtbox to Birdie’s jumping LK recovery frames, until he lands.
  • Currently, the game counts a disconnect between the “Another fight is Coming Your Way” screen until you pass-through the results screen by selecting “find another match” or “exit to main menu”. The range a disconnect penalty will be assessed will be changed to be between from when “Another Fight is Coming Your Way” to after League Points (LP) and Fight Money (FM) have been calculated on the “Results” screen.

Street Fighter V is fun. It’s more fun when tequilla and chillis are involved.

Last Updated: September 20, 2016

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