Success! The StarCraft 2 Invitational sets new standards

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Megarom, Internet Solutions, AMD and the MSSA brought us an event that has set new standards for live video game tournaments in South Africa. LAN gaming will never be seen in the same way again and I’m happy to have been a part of such a significant turning point for our community.

The venue was breath-taking; better than anything we could have imagined. The entrance hall was set up with tables, snacks, big screens, the main competition area and lots and lots of sexy Kerrigan posters. The cash bar was stocked well and looked slick and the vibe was just amazing. It didn’t feel or look anything close to a LAN; it was what gaming is supposed to look like. The strong Internet Solutions and SteelSeries presence added to the feeling of professionalism and gamers and industry members were almost bursting with excitement.

This event was anything but a gathering for geeks. It’s as mainstream as it can get and yet true to us, true to gamers with no compromises. I don’t think that there’s ever been an event of this kind with such a high standard. The sponsors had invested a great deal in the event, the whole venue was Heart of the Swarm themed, the catering was out of this world and the tournament was run with no complication. Needless to say that these men and women worked tirelessly for hours to make everything happen.

It was incredible to see so many familiar faces from the gaming community, the Bravado Gaming management, all of the players invited to play and Lazygamer readers. It was even more incredible to see so many new faces.

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We’ve been asking for big companies to invest in us for years, and now they are. The success of eSports and spectatorship and growing of the community is now our responsibility, if we want to see more events of these standards, it’s up to us to show our support. If you couldn’t make it to the event, check out all the awesome pictures we took at the event.

Last Updated: March 18, 2013

  • Admiral Chief Erwin

    No pictawr of me?
    Sad panda is me…

    • Valshen

      Everyone kept running away from my camera :/

      • Admiral Chief Erwin

        Liar, I was chilling with you long time 😛

        • Valshen

          I don’t want people to not chill with me because they think the camera is going to attack them. Next event I’m getting sexy poses of you.

          • Admiral Chief Erwin

            Me love your camera long time

  • Sir Rants-a-Lot Llew

    Sweet. Glad the event went so well 🙂

  • Admiral Chief Erwin

    I was really, really ,really impressed with the setup and pretty much everything of the event.

    I hope people will start to realize how big gaming and eSports is. I’d gladly attend such an event again (colder and cheaper beer pls :P). I can even imagine watching games like this on TV or in pub.

    Well done to the sponsors and the players!

    Big up to the Lags team as well!

    • Sorry I never saw you 🙂 only got there at two! Had a busy morning O_O

      • Admiral Chief Erwin

        In other words…YOU SLEPT UNTIL 13h30!!!

  • And hopefully Xtaz representing us in the Cod Championship in LA will do something for the console community too!
    Glad to see RSA being counted much more on all gaming fronts!!!HAZAH!

  • Hey that’s me, must be the dorkiest photo of me EVER thanks like you had nothing else you could’ve used hahahahaha. Glad everyone has so happy with the event I’m liking the pubcraft idea …

    • Valshen

      I thought it was an awesome photo of you, so enthusiastic and getting people excited. (Side note: No one ever looks good while talking in photos.)

      • TriangularRoom

        Agreed. It is an awesome photo though!!

    • I think they used the best photo of you! Hahaha

  • GTO

    If we want a starcraft 2 esports community in South Africa, we should probably get a South Africa group going in the game. I mean esports are all well and good as is this website but I have never knowingly interacted with other South African starcraft players. Would be a good place to organise weekly or monthly events etc. Not necessarily for prizes but we kind of need a central hub to have community events.

    • Valshen

      This sounds like a great idea. Though please don’t come hunt me down and own my face game after game. My APM is like… 6.

    • is the place that this happens mostly

      • GTO

        Pity it looks so inactive right now. Especially for SC2.

      • Polarfluke has not been the place to go for sc2 for over a year. The best place to interact with SA players would be via the facebook page :

        The problem with using the In Game group called ‘SA Players’ is that no one uses it. You have 50+ members with no one in the chat.

    • Join the “SA Players” group ingame. Also check out the facebook page “Starcraft 2 South Africa”.

    • The DGL Sc2 community is incredibly active and is where you will find most of the community hanging out from day to day. You can find the portal here:

      If you want like a forum to chat with other SC2 guys, there’s the new SC2 forums as well:

    • Join a club affiliated to the MSSA. There are monthly Provincial Championships, Regional Championships and a National Championship. Not only that, but there is also a National Team Trials which is used to select the official National Protea Team. For further details go to:

  • Are there VODs somewhere? I could get the Polarfluke stream to work 🙁

  • nice really looks well done

  • KOBUS! 😉

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