Sunset Overdrive even has a shoutout to NeoGAF

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Sunset gaffer

It’s official: We love Sunset Overdrive. Despite some flaws here and there, the game is just loads of fun, and ridiculously baysplosioney in Chaos Squads runs. Part of the charm comes from the fact that the game never takes itself too seriously, breaking the fourth wall in a manner that would make Deadpool himself jealous. And one of those references even include a nod to the biggest gaming forum on the planet, NeoGAF.

By the way, massive huge impossibly big ultra out of this world hectic super super spoilers with the video below. You have been warned.


For reals, if you’re getting the game, don’t watch the video below.


Guys, c’mon, I’m warning you here!


Spoiler Overdrive!



You had your chance. Skip to the 2:40 section for the shoutout:

Now I don’t visit gaming forums often, but when I do, it’s usually alongside Geoff so that I can extort local online gatherings for protection money or warn them that it’d be a right shame if an entire thread were to be set on fire.  But I’ve been visiting NeoGaf lately, and I quite dig the scene there. That, and it cracks me up on a daily basis with several threads. But I like seeing references like this dropped into a game. It’s a fun acknowledgement of your core market, and it shows that a developer really does care and pay attention.

So nice touch Insomniac. Nice touch indeed. Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to go nail several NAG forum threads to the floor with a comically oversized nail. A right shame it is, a right shame…

Last Updated: October 28, 2014

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