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Super Mario 3D "heavily in development" for 3DS – Details

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If you’ve needed that final excuse to get your hands on Nintendo’s brand new 3D glasses-free handheld at some point in your future, then we may just have found what you were looking for.

Shigeru Miyamoto has announced in a press conference in Paris that Super Mario 3D is headed to the Nintendo 3DS and is a blend of some of his most famous recent Mario titles.

The details, taken from French and Japanese audio gave us the following details regarding the new Super Mario game. It turns out that the new title will essentially be a “Super Mario Galaxy 64” sort of idea, but for the new handheld. After missing out on the first Super Mario Galaxy (The first, and one of only two games on our site to ever be awarded the 100/100 score on our website), I was had a great time reviewing the second when it released on the Wii.

I have however, never been a fan of the Wii’s controls for games other than motion games, so the idea of being able to play something so magnificent and containing the same levels of fun and creativity on my 3DS is getting me very excited indeed. Again, not to mention that it will be in glorious glasses-free 3D with visuals that will probably match or even beat those of SMG and SMG2 on the Wii.

Here’s the info we received from the reports:

Heavily in development

Is a cross between Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy and New Super Mario Bros…

Will be fully unveiled at E3.

The raccoon tail in the logo probably means what you think it means.

The camera system will offer a “fixed interest in which Mario can move around the screen depth or to the player.” The method was also used slightly in Super Mario 64 and “brings dynamism to the staging of the game.”

We can’t wait to hear more info at E3, I really hope that it ships with some soft of clever multiplayer mode as well. Check back for more info soon.

Source: Gamekyo and VG247

Last Updated: April 26, 2011

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