Super Meat Boy on special… at launch!

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It’s an indie title; you’ve surely heard of it. Reviewers are already loving it for its old-school platforming awesomeness and take-no-shit-tough-as-nails attitude. It also comes out today on Xbox Live Arcade, but it’s releasing on WiiWare, PC and MAC at a later stage.

Because it’s an indie title, the developers (just two guys) don’t have to answer to stuffy, corporate bigwigs or publishing labels. Instead, they just asked Microsoft really, really nicely and now the title will arrive already on special.

The game dropped on Xbox Live Arcade this morning at around 08:00AM our time. It costs a measly 800 MS points, which is about $10 or R80. That’s cheap for a new game, especially one that has received this much attention in the build-up to its release.

If you haven’t already, then go and grab it but be warned that it really is pretty difficult. If you don’t have Xbox Live then hold on until 10 November when it launches in South Africa. The developers behind Super Meat Boy have said that the launch special will last into November, so hopefully it’ll still be around post local Xbox Live launch.

Source: Team Meat

Last Updated: October 20, 2010

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