Superpowered Saints Row headlines this Humble Bundle

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The Humble Bundles have been exceptional lately, offering a good mix of AAA and indie titles for a fraction of their combined cost. You could almost say that offerings like PS Plus and Games with Gold could learn a thing or two, and the latest bundle doesn’t change this one bit.

Headlining the latest Humble Jumbo Bundle is Saints Row IV. It’s the one sequel I haven’t played yet, but the idea of Saints Row AND superpowers does excite me. It’s the premium part of the bundle, asking you to fork out no less than $12 for the lot.

If that’s too pricey then there’s still loads on offer for the average price. You’ll bag Grid 2, Blackguards and my personal favorite, Euro Truck Simulator 2. I tell you, dealing with French border patrol while driving a suspiciously massive vehicle is exhilarating. The average price is sitting at $5.86 at the moment, and includes the dirt cheap titles too.

They’re the ones you can literally pay anything for, despite the fact that they’re al pretty great. Insurgency is perfect if you love Counter-Strike, since it’s essentially the same thing. Always Sometimes Monsters is a quick, and extremely challenging indie game and while I don’t know much about Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure I have been told it’s pretty great.

There are also more games on their way, as is usual with these Humble Bundles. Personally, I think there’s a lot of quality on offer here for a fraction of the price, especially if you’ve never played Saints Row IV or Grid 2. Or Euro Truck Simulator, obviously.

Last Updated: November 12, 2014

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