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SuperSport butchered “E-Football”, and people had some fun with it

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The first time I received the E-Mail from VS Gaming regarding their upcoming FIFA Football Festival, it had some obvious spelling errors. I candidly pointed them out and we had a laugh when I met with them last weekend. While VS Gaming got the memo, and laughed off their PR blunder, SuperSport are going full force on creating some E-Xcitement for the event.

Yesterday, SuperSport tweeted out this, in support of the VS Gaming Festival, and you can imagine the responses.

Hilarity ensued as users began reminding SuperSport that we do not type say E-Football, as we do not say E-Sports and most definitely not say E-Mail. The correct use of the prefix “e” has been explained a number of times, and it was even added to the Associated Press’s Stylebook as “esports.” Let’s not forget esports host and commentator Paul “ReDeYe” Challoner’s rant about the proper style.

ReDeYe caught wind of SuperSport’s mishap and responded appropriately.

Even Geoff, who’s extremely passionate and involved in esports, had to step in to call out SuperSport.

While this is all fun and games, there is an important anecdote here. SuperSport are getting involved and active in esports locally which is a great push forward for our local industry. They played a crucial part in the past few productions hosted by VS Gaming and will once again take part in the production and oversight of their upcoming festival. We will whip everyone into shape as we move along, but for the time being let’s help them out with the proper capitalisation – or lack thereof.

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Last Updated: July 12, 2017

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