Survival is going to be crucial in Mad Max

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Mad Max’s first gameplay trailer was a pleasant surprise last week. It seems to be mixing elements from the Batman Arkham series with the open-world, small hub exploration of Shadow of Mordor – all while igniting some stunning explosions nearly 90% of the time. It’s not all copy and paste though, and you can expect the harsh, desolate wasteland to impact heavily on how you keep Max alive.

Mad Max might be a ridiculous mix of post-apocalyptic themes and vehicular combat, but that doesn’t mean a little realism can’t creep in here and there. While you’re laying waste to grotesque enemies and making necessary upgrades to your own Magnum Opus, you’ll have to keep Max fed and hydrated. Responding to some fan questions via Twitter, Avalanche Studios confirmed that survival elements will feature in their brand new title.

I do hope this ends up being a little deeper than simply picking up water and food collectibles to keep a survival bar topped up. Tying this into important side content could really add to the atmosphere of the game and immerse players in a truly desperate land that takes no prisoners. Maybe Max has to keep settlements he’s freed supplied with food and water, too – this could give some great context to scavenging.

There’s no doubt that Avalanche are going to be detailing a lot more about their surprisingly impressive looking title in the months leading up to launch, with the vehicular open-world mayhem kicking off on September 4th.

Last Updated: April 29, 2015

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