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Switzerland exposed as cheaters in the World Nations Tournament

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After beating a South African Battlefield 3 team competing in the World Nations Tournament on Saturday, Team Switzerland has been caught out using a glitch/hack. They’ve now been punished with a forfeit, but was this punishment harsh enough? I think not.

The two teams faced off in what seemed to be a very intense match, South Africa giving it their best but not having what it takes to beat the glitching hack used by the Swiss. The local team might have stood a fair chance and won the overall game had the Swiss not cheated, who knows. The Captain of the Swiss team doesn’t seem to think it changed anything, commenting:

Sir-D12 not see the advantage that it has given us…”

But what’s been done, is final and the administrators of the World Nations Tournament made their verdict.

“Hi everyone, due to presented evidence of Swiss Team cheating (glitching) in yesterdays match against Team RSA, we are going to forfeit Strike at Karkand (second map) in favour of Team RSA. What will change overall score of the match to RSA 2 – 0 CH – as RSA won first map of the match. We suspect that glitching took place at around 1:42:30 mark of first round on map Strike at Karkand (http://de.twitch.tv/roobiin_/b/368390401) at score (CH) 41:33 (RSA). From this point Swiss Team abused the game bug by spawning on glitched player, where they should have him suicide/reload the game. We also know that this player was not lagged out or freezed out as if that was the case player would be gone from that game. Therefore Swiss Team was fully aware of the glitch and intentionally abused it. Here’s the glitch itself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxYyQGYC6pU.”

Even though it’s good to see that teams are being penalized, a forfeit is probably not punishment enough. This is after all, an international tournament. Rule 1.7 of the World Nations Tournament clearly states that “Cheating/Hacking will not be tolerated. Any team caught cheating will be banned from the tournament immediately (glitching is cheating).” But this quite obviously didn’t happen, which means that in a way it is being tolerated and teams might still take the chance to cheat to win, because the only consequence is a forfeit to a game they could possibly have lost anyway.

Teams caught out cheating only get punished for cheating with a forfeit, for the first two offenses, leaving teams with that little gap, to try it again. Being ousted for the third time only, will earn them a ban from the tournament. If punishment for cheating in international tournaments isn’t severe enough, how can we take eSports seriously?

Last Updated: February 19, 2013

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