Switzerland Set to Ban Violent Games

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Earth’s nation of fence-sitters – one that is divided between Italian, French and German speaking populaces – looks to be taking a cue from its Northern neighbour with regards to violent video games.

Switzerland’s parliament recently passed a silly new law that could lead to a ban on "violent" games being sold in the country.

Last month a proposal was put forth to ban any game that “requires cruel acts of violence against humans and human-like creatures for in-game success", and that motion has now been passed by the Swiss National Council.

According to German games site GamesMarkt, the request has now been formally accepted, but government still has to settle on the specifics of the law. Christian Advocacy Group, the Christian Democratic Party has optioned for a ban of all first-person shooters rated 16+ or 18+ by PEGI. The same group also recommended euthanasia as means to lower health care costs though – so maybe if you replace enemies with sick people, that’ll be okay?

Welcome to 1984, Switzerland.

Source : GI.biz

Last Updated: March 24, 2010

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