Sword-whip details crack for Bloodborne

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Bloodborne nov 1

From Software promised to give us more details about Bloodborne, and they certainly delivered. From new information on levels and characters to weapons and enemies, there is a bunch inside, including some gruesome new screens.

The update is live and in Japanese, so thanks DualShockers for the translations. Here’s what we know now.

  • New character: The new character is called “Old Hunter Deyura” and he’s dressed in a ragged coat, armed with a giant multi-barrel gun.
  • New enemy: Called “Hemwick’s Witches”, they inhabit the Hemwick Cemetery area and looks horrifying.
  • New weapon: The Swordstick is much like a traditional Japanese sword hidden in a cane. However, it can transform ala Bloodborne’s style and become something like a sword-whip.
  • New stage: “Deserted Castle Cainhurst” features lonely hallways and halls, and the last picture even gives a glimpse of the gorgeous “Underground Ruins”.

All names are translated from Japanese, so they might turn up as slightly different in the released game. Who cares, though – here are some gory and delightful images to rub your eyeballs over.

The more I see of Bloodborne, the more terrified I become. It is going to be an impressive game, and I’m far too excited to get my hands on it. But it’s also going to kill us all in new and creative ways we never imagined. From Software really seems to be enjoying the power of the PS4 – this might be a more popular exclusive than The Order: 1886 when they release. At least, for those who can handle the horror.

Last Updated: November 20, 2014

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