Syndicate 4 player co-op briefing

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The Syndicate demo was released on Xbox Live last night but unfortunately I haven’t had time to give it a run through yet, however thankfully our nice friends at EA have put together a video jam packed with marketing BS to walk us through the co-op features of the upcoming Syndicate title

Remember this is a marketing video so you only see the great in the video but it does look pretty good and the ideas sound pretty solid.

I’m not sure I like the current fashion of being able to see through solid objects in games and I feel it really is taking away a bit of the challenge in these things but what appeals to me about Syndicate is that you are always part of a 4 man team which means the game has been developed with AI expecting to face 4 players at all times.

Hopefully that means that it’s pretty tough and that teamwork is essential to victory.

Last Updated: February 1, 2012

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