Take a look at Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle co-op!

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We’ve obviously splintered off the main timeline and are living in one of the alternate futures, because I’m actually excited for an impending game that features Rabbids. Ubisoft’s annoying proto-minions usually make me want to take a rocketship off of this planet – but that’s changed for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

It’s been fascinating to watch the general sentiment around the game do a complete 180-degree shift from its pre-announcement leak to the actual reveal that saw a clearly passionate Davide Soliani – the game’s creative director – brought to tears when his game was announced by Shigeru Miyamoto.

Better still, the game is actually great – playing like a Mushroom Kingdom XCOM. The team and turn-based strategy game is deep, satisfying and a soon-to-be-welcomed addition to the Switch library. What hasn’t been talked about much is the game’s co-op gameplay. They’ve now shown quite a bit of the game’s co-op mode in a new developer walkthrough.

Each player selects a team of two characters, along with weapons. In this instance, it’s an escort mission – so they’ve opted not to use weapons with a large Area of Effects, as they may end up hurting the people you’re meant to save. In co-op, the game requires new tactics and some solid communication between players.

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The demo clearly and capably shows how the game is probably far more tactical than you’d imagine given its bright and colourful Mushroom Kingdom aesthetic.

The game is out as a Nintendo Switch exclusive on August 29. I need it.

Last Updated: August 7, 2017

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