Take a Xbox 360 add a Wii and throw out all the good parts – Welcome MiWi

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I have a soft spot for these cheap imitation consoles but I am pretty sure Nintendo doesn’t share my feeling.

However what really gets me is the marketing blurb for this blatantly obvious knock off.

“The graphics and images are so realistic, you will wonder why others spend so much more.”

Realistic graphics from a 16 bit cheap knock off… somehow I ain’t buying it.

But fear not it gets better, for only AUD $ 59.95 you will also get 41 bundled games in a NES styled cartridge to thrill your family for hours and if that isn’t enough you will also be given all the sporting accessories you will ever need with the baseball bat, tennis racquet, golf club and paddles…

So kids remember this, if you tell your parents that you are happy with either a 360 or a Wii then it’s your own fault when you get the MiWi 360 for your birthday…

However in all honesty www.oo.com.au should be ashamed of themselves for selling such cheap crap to an unsuspecting public and possibly could be hauled before a marketing board for blatant false advertising.


Source: OO

Last Updated: July 8, 2009

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