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Take on the Toymaker in Lords of Shadow 2

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If you played the divisive handheld midquel Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate, you’d already have encountered The Toymaker; the evil puppeteer whose macabre puppet-filled workshop proves quite a challenge for Alucard. Well, he’s back in this month’s Lords of Shadow 2, giving Dracula and equally hard time.

One of the brightest pupils of Rinaldo Gandolfi – yes, the guy who created the Combat  Cross – The flamboyant, possessed Toymaker turned away from the Brotherhood of Light and took a naughty turn. You’ll not only have to fight against him in Lords of Shadow 2, but you’ll also learn more about his history.

“The Toy Maker is a character who was trained under Rinaldo Gandolfi, who forged the Combat Cross which Gabriel used in the original game,” Lords of Shadow 2’s Producer Dave Cox told IGN  “Gandolfi was an esteemed member of the Brotherhood of Light, and the Toy Maker was his best and brightest pupil. The Toy Maker was a skilled creator of gadgets, weapons, and incredible technologies used by the Brotherhood in their battles against the Lords of Shadow.”

And here, you can watch 8 minutes of Dracula’s encounter with the Toymaker, courtesy of IGN. It bears more than a striking resemblance to something out of a particular Final Fantasy game, no?

According to Konami, Lords of Shadow 2 will consume about 20 hours of your life, and is coming to PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 on February 28th in PAL territories, and February 25th in the US.

There are some embargoed key art pictures that the Konami Blog itself published prematurely (before hastily taking them down) that we’re not allowed to show you for fear of not getting assets in the future even though they’re already on the internet. But with this being the internet – it never forgets, you see –  if you want to practise your Google-Fu you could probably find them quite easily. 

Header image comes courtesy of the Castlevania Wiki.

Last Updated: February 5, 2014

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