Take to the skies with the Batwing in Batman: Arkham Knight – April Fools

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The more I see of Arkham Knight, the tighter the cowl around my head grows due to my expanding excitement. And because I have a massive head. The game looks like a ton of fun, and after three Batman releases, fans finally get to drive the Batmobile. But that’s not the only vehicle in the game waiting for players.

“Going into Arkham Knight, we knew that we had to make the three year wait between sequels actually matter,” Rocksteady Lead Vehicle Designer Phil Kwiecien said on the Arkham Knight website in a video interview yesterday.

While the Batmobile was one of the first big new additions to the game, we thought to ourselves, why stick to the ground?

After all, Bruce Wayne has spent billions on his personal war on crime, which has resulted in more than just road vehicles. And with Arkham Knight having such a massive sense of verticality built into the core of the game, we wanted to be able to do more than just grapple and glide.

We thought of incorporating that vehicle in a more interactive way into Arkham Knight. We wanted to make it more than just a fast travel system. So we set out to redesign the Batwing from its appearances in Arkham Asylum and Arkham City.

We wanted something that paid tribute to the original 1989 movie as well, and even the fancier jet that appeared in Batman Forever. Something that carried a massive legacy with it, but was still relevant to modern day audiences, like the Bat from the Dark Knight Rises.

So we designed this new Bat-wing in collaboration with DC Comics. It’s an incredible honour, that we’ve poured a ton of energy into and it really augments everything that Batman can do.

I think fans will be pleasantly surprised when they get to take to the skies later this year.

I think that inclusion just dialled my enthusiasm for the game up to 11. The Batmobile already looks like an absolute beast as it tears through the redesigned Gotham. Throw in the chance to get around the city even quicker, in a vehicle that is just as iconic as the wheels that the caped crusader uses, and the only thing missing now is the Bat-kitchen sink.

Batman: Arkham Knight is out at the end of October for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. And hopefully, it’ll contain a sequence that pays tribute to the showdown in the 1989 Batman movie between the Dark Knight and the Joker.


Yes, of course this was a joke. But we can hope, right? 

Last Updated: April 1, 2014

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