Take Two offered 3D Realms $30 million for the Duke

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I am starting to feel that George Broussard is the problem child in this little family, granted it’s his game and by all accounts his family but he has been running 3D Realms all this time and therefore needs to accept responsibility for it’s failure.

And now that it has failed we are starting to see more news leaking out of the ex-employees, with the latest employee leak stating that Take Two offered George $30 million to acquire the IP rights of the Duke and release the game themselves.

However George refused and rather went fishing for more funding from Epic, EA, ID Software and Microsoft but unfortunately thanks to this recession that never came off.

What hasn’t changed however is that a large portion of the gaming community wants to see The Duke make a comeback and I am 90% sure that we are still going to see that happen. It just has to happen.

Source: Fudzilla

Last Updated: May 12, 2009

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