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The Taken War rages on as Destiny makes a comeback this week

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One of the biggest additions to Destiny when The Taken King expansion launched, was a proper story. While the game was cosmetically beautiful on launch, it had the personality of a job interview at McDonalds. The Taken King changed that. It added a massive new chapter to the mythos of Destiny, and a primary antagonist whose presence could be felt on any planet.

As far as enemies go, Oryx was a fantastic reason to jump into the game. A space-devil of incredible power, Oryx made his presence known by wiping out the majority of the Awoken fleet and seemingly killing their queen. The Guardians eventually prevailed, and Oryx was sent hurtling off into the cold, dark vacuum of space. But the mission isn’t over yet.

“The April update finds the Guardians of the last safe city, as well as the Awoken forces you find on the Reef, dealing with the fact that the king is dead but the Taken war continues to rage on,” Bungie Community Manager David “Deej” Dague told us.

Oryx has been defeated, sent floating off into space towards Saturn, but his dark minions, the forces that he sent off into our solar system are still raging from world to world.

Variks and Petra, the remaining power brokers on the Reef with the fate of the Queen and her brother all but unknown, they have issued a new call to action saying that there are new Taken bosses being captured all throughout the system and they’ve being committed to the Prison of Elders. There is a new Taken boss, Malahk, who is a pretender to the throne of Oryx and he must also be taken down.

So there are still certain threats that emanate from the Taken, and the Guardians are receiving a new call to action to go and mop up, to round up the stragglers and end their threat forever.

Single-player content without it coming as part of a paid-for DLC chapter or expansion? Yup, it’s true, as the April update builds on the experience that the Live team gained from previous updates, to keep the universe of Destiny alive. “Really this is a free game update. This is available to anyone who purchased The Taken King, this is not something that we’re charging money for,” Dague explained.

We don’t really see it as an expansion, we just see it as an update. Sometimes when we update Destiny we fix a few bugs, we release a new playable activity like Sparrow Racing League or Crimson Days.

This is one of the larger things that the live team has ever done, and they’re delivering new things to do, new things to earn. They’re changing the reward system of the game, we’re raising the Light Level so there are a lot of things that we’re doing that may make it feel like an expansion but this is not on the level of The Dark Below or The House of Wolves. It’s really more Sparrow Racing League or Crimson Days but we are providing new gears sets, new playable activities, new strikes, new quest-lines.

We’re giving people new reasons to go in and play the Prison of Elders with new bosses that they can fight. We’re adding the Taken to the Prison of Elders, so this is something that we’re doing to keep the players of Destiny engaged, to keep that world alive and ever-changing.

The update kicks off tonight from 19:00PM CET. Stay tuned, as we’ll be unpacking even more details throughout the week on the big update.

Last Updated: April 12, 2016

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