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Tap to crap in Turd Birds

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You calling me a crapper? Do I sit over your car and reign bird dirt all over it? Is that what you're saying? DATS IT!

The Last of Us can go suck an egg. Bioshock Infinite can take its story concepts and shove it. There’s only one game that I want to play this year, and it stars the jerkasses of the animal kingdom, birds. For as long as there have been expensive sports cars, there have been birds to crap all over them. And now, it’s your turn to control the flow of bird dirt.

That’s pretty much the main idea behind Bird Turds. An endless runner from 2K Games and developer Cat Daddy, you fly around with an enslaved bird and poop on everyone. Including your friends, thanks to Facebook integration.

The poop can also be powered up and comes in several variants based on what grub your feathered fiend has ingested, leading to all manner of avian anus attacks, from the likes of the Deuce and Sergeant Squirts. Turd Birds will be a free download on mobile devices, so expect the usual pay gates to be included.

Last Updated: July 12, 2013

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