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Team Bondi is closed–owes $1 million in salaries still

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Team Bondi are most well known for developing the excellent L.A. Noire… actually they are only known for that because in 8 years that’s all they managed to develop.

So it’s with little surprise that we heard recently that Team Bondi would be closing but what is a little surprising is that not only are they horribly indebted they also owe their staff a million dollars.

$240 000 of that debt is to the boss of the company, who in my books shouldn’t be getting anything as it’s his fault the company folded while the rest of the $760 000 is owed to everyone from interns to developers.

Whether they have any assets at all with which to pay people isn’t entirely clear but it’s a sad end to a sordid tale that thankfully does have the bright spot that is L.A. Noire to fall back on.

Last Updated: October 10, 2011

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