Team Fortress 2 invades Monday Night Combat and vice-versa

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Monday Night Combat may not be that new (it’s been on Xbox Live Arcade for months now), but for PC it’s new; like just been released new. Uber Entertainment’s class-based, third-person team shooter with turret building, bot smashing and hot-pants-clad Southern belles with wrenches, is now available on Steam.

Class-based team shooters are plentiful on PC and one in particular has its claws in a huge part of the market: Team Fortress 2. You’d be forgiven for looking at Monday Night Combat and thinking “hmm this has a tongue-in-cheek TF2 vibe going”. The thing is, Valve and Uber Entertainment are thinking the same thing, so they’re taking it one step further and cross-pollinating the games. Hilarious launch trailer after the jump.

If you pick up a copy of Monday Night Combat via Steam before 1st February 2011, then you’ll get a whole lot of Team Fortress 2 stuff added to the game. It will also happen the other way around: you’ll get Monday Night Combat stuff added to Team Fortress 2. What sort of things? Trademark gear that defines the various classes, like the sniper’s Outback hat, the spy’s mask etc will be available for use. The items won’t be game-changing and are purely aesthetic, but it’s nice to see the two developers having fun and gamers benefitting from it at no extra cost.

Here’s the launch trailer for the PC version of MNC; the cross-over content is also shown. Oh and, for some reason, Penny Arcade’s Fruit Fucker (just unread that if you’re offended) makes an appearance.

The game is a huge amount of fun and kept me glued to my Xbox for weeks. If you haven’t already played it, there’s no better time than now; especially if you’re a TF2 fan.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: January 25, 2011

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