Team Fortress 2 is suddenly getting matchmaking

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I used to be incredibly addicted to Team Fortress 2 shortly after it launched. It took a few months to fade, and I haven’t touched the class-based shooter in years. That doesn’t mean it fizzled out into non-existence though, with the game still ranking in the top five most played titles on Steam currently. That’s why massive changes, like competitive matchmaking, are still being implemented.

Following a batch of rumours a while back, a team of dedicated Team Fortress 2 veterans pushed Valve for answers about the feature (as well as what they’d like to see implemented in the game). Valve, in turn, then invited the team to their headquarters to chat with the development team, where all of their three major requests were supposedly confirmed. Competitive matchmaking is (finally) to Team Fortress 2.

Fans of the game have been asking for this for years (literally), and I think it’s only part of the reason why Valve has eventually decided to get around to it. The other strong reasoning behind it could be Blizzard’s work on Overwatch – another class-based shooter with a heavy emphasis on competitive play. In order to keep Team Fortress 2 relevant, this small addition is a requirement.

And it’s great news for the fan-base, which still manages to notch up impressive concurrent player figures in the 60 000 region (way, way higher than games like Evolve). There’s no window on when matchmaking will arrive, but at least now you can rest assured that it is very real.

Are you still playing? I wouldn’t mind jumping back into the shoes of the Spy after such a long time away.

Last Updated: April 30, 2015

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