Team Ninja announces the sexy new Dead or Alive 5

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I’ve made no secret of my love for the Dead or Alive series before and how I felt that Dead or Alive 3 was the pinnacle of fighting games.

Obviously not when it comes to fighting mechanics and technical ability but more when it comes to entertainment and that all important fun factor.

This bias may come from the fact that the wife and I played the game to dead in co-op mode while living in our tiny studio flat in London and when DOA 4 was released and the co-op was gimped I was immensely saddened.

But with the announcement yesterday of Dead or Alive 5 all my hopes and dreams are rekindled and I am now looking forward to hearing and seeing as much information as I can before the game is released next year.

Check out the teaser trailer and images below to see what we can expect from Dead or Alive 5, it’s pretty much as expected really.

And check out this teaser image that goes some way to confirming that Dead or Alive 5 is going to keep it’s sexiness.


Last Updated: September 15, 2011

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