Teen faces 5 years in prison for Swatting

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Last year, there were stories that a kid was getting 25 years in prison for Swatting. They weren’t true, but we sort of wish that they were. Now it seems that one of these idiots will need to face jail time for doing this, and I hope it ends this ridiculously dumb trend.

Reported by the Chicago Sun Times, Brandon “Famed God” Wilson was arrested on Thursday in Las Vegas. The 19 year-old is awaiting extradition to Illinois where he will be charged with two counts of computer tampering and one count each of intimidation, computer fraud, identity theft and disorderly conduct. So what did he actually do?

Willson used a computer to contact Naperville’s 911 center on July 10, 2014, and claimed a murder had happened at a home in the city, prosecutors claim. Naperville’s Special Response Team responded but found no crime.

[…]Authorities also claim Willson hacked into the gaming consoles to obtain or change personal information belonging to two people — one from Naperville, and another from Plainfield, the statement said. He also threatened the Naperville resident that he would access the person’s bank and Social Security accounts, and put the person’s father “in debt for life,” prosecutors claim.

Wilson faces up to five years in prison if convicted, but wait, there’s more. Authorities from Illinois, Texas, California, South Carolina and Nevada are continuing the investigation along with the FBI. I’m sure there must be some laws against crossing state lines with these crimes, something the FBI will want to pursue.

It’s good to see someone doing this stupid stuff getting held accountable. It’s not just a silly prank, it can cause serious consequences. The state’s attorney wants to push through legislation that would making swatting a felony in Illinois. The law would also require anyone convicted of swatting to reimburse municipalities for the cost of the emergency response. Now that would make a whole lot of sense and probably stop a lot of swatters in their tracks.

Last Updated: February 9, 2015

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