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Teen pleads guilty to 23 counts of swatting

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Swatting is a trend that goes beyond being dumb. Why on earth people think it’s fun to harass others to the point of having cops called on them is something I just can’t wrap my head around. Even if you did think it was cool when the idea first circulated, surely it’s boring and ridiculous by now, right? Well, this teen still thought it was cool, and has been dragged before a court to be held accountable.

According to a lengthy report (thanks ArsTechnica) on the activities of the 17-year-old, they included 23 counts of extortion, public mischief and criminal harassment. He mostly terrorised female gamers and their parents with a usual pattern:

He had a consistent pattern of trying to connect with the online gamers — many of them fans of the game League of Legends. But when they denied his requests, he shut down their internet access, posted their personal information online, repeatedly called them late at night and contacted the police in their hometown, posing as someone else.

His pranks weren’t just limited to swatting, though – he was responsible for the bomb hoax this past March and last November that led to the Space Mountain ride in Disneyland to get shut down. He has now been charged with 40 crimes and remanded for 169 days.

Wearing a sweatsuit, no shoes and shackles on his ankles, the teen smirked but showed little emotion during the proceeding, though often flipped his hair, drummed his fingers on his knees or pumped his leg quickly.

What a punk. I hope that being incarcerated is the kind of wake up call that he needs. Otherwise, at least getting him off the internet should stop him from continuing these ridiculous activities. I hope the judge brings down the maximum sentence possible on him – if nothing else, I hope it sets an example for future swatters to see that there are real consequences to their dumb pranks. Bad enough that he called in all these pranks, even worse to harass those few women in gaming who feel comfortable interacting with others online. Shame on you, kid.

Last Updated: January 4, 2017

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