Tekken Tag Tournament 2 updates with new fighters and stages

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I have a very specific set of skills, and they make me a nightmare for noobs like you...

Tekken Tag Tournamant 2 is out right now, and even though I thought that the game was actually a Bryan Mills simulator, it turned out to be something far more impressive instead. There’s a new patch out, and it’s got some new content within it. Details after the jump.

Anyone downloading the update for the disc locked content will find their roster filled with three new fighters, Slim Bob, Miharu Hirano and Sebastian, As for those fancy new locales, you can tag team a riverdance on your opponents’ skulls in such places as Chile, Poland, Saudi Arabia and Russia now.

And the best bit, it’s all free, as game director Katsuhiro Harda has remained firm on his stance to only release new content if it didn’t cost a penny. Hey Capcom, are you paying attention here?

Last Updated: October 10, 2012

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