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Telltale is adding multiplayer elements to its Batman game

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Telltale’s games are honed to a fine, predictable art by now, just like my usual story intros that consist of two examples and a funny third thing. HEYOOOOH! SELF-BURN! …I just made myself sad. ANYWAY! You know what you’re in for with one of their many, many assorted titles. A licensed brand or character, several episodes and possibly some of those damn ninjas appearing to cut some onions beneath your peepers.

More than that however, Telltale has prided itself on being a single-player developer. No two stories are alike and all that jazz, but it looks like the developer is switching tactics for their Batman game with a new feature called “Crowd Play”, that’ll help friends and random strangers make a few difficult decisions for you. Sort of like the audience option in Who Want’s To Be A Millionaire then. “We wanted a better way to integrate that audience,” head of creative communications at Telltale Job Stauffer said to ShackNews at San Diego Comic Con 2016.


Now, from two to 2,000-plus people can help the player make decisions. We are now turning all of Telltale’s games into a live interactive multiplayer experience.

There’ll be two such bat-modes on offer: Crowd Play allows an audience to have the final say, while bat-mode deux will allow you to tell people to go shove their filthy opinions where the sun doesn’t shine and make your own choices throughout the game. Basically, imagine if Two-Face ran head-first into a woodgrinder and then used a D-2000 dice to make choices for him and holy cow I have just come up with the best Bat-villain ever.

Crowd players can also give the player in charge feedback along the lines of a thumb pointed in either side of the Y-axis so that the player in charge of the episode can keep everyone happy. If they want to. Because I’m certainly not going to because I have a reputation to uphold as history’s greatest monster.

The multiplayer feature here won’t just be present in the Batman game, but future Telltale games as well. And I like it. Their titles are pretty much perfect for the audience that enjoys a stream, and having that extra element is actually a smart idea I reckon. The first episode of Telltale’s Batman game launches next month, with a full retail release in September.

Last Updated: July 26, 2016

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