Telltale has an ambitious new IP coming soon

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Even Fiona wants to see what all the fuss is about

Telltale is on an awesome streak at the moment, and it seems like the narrative focused developers really can’t put any of their thumbs in the wrong pie. They’re churning out episodes for Tales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones right now, but their eyes are looking to the horizon. More importantly, they’re looking at a massive, brand new IP.

Speaking to GamesIndustry, new leader of the Telltale barn, Kevin Bruner, expressed his excitement at the prospect of revealing their new IP, which has been an office idea for a long time already.

It’s probably the most ambitious thing the company has ever done but we feel like we’re ready for it. We’re very excited to talk about it, but we can’t say much more right now. But it is the perfect thing for us.

As you’d expect, storytelling is still at the forefront of the new project, with Telltale fully aware of what makes them an iconic studio in the first place.

I’ll say we’ve spent a lot of time experimenting over the last decade with how powerful a storytelling tool interactive can be and when we thought about building something from the ground up that gave us absolutely everything we could dream of as storytelling tools. The right kind of story, the right kind of setting, the right kind of people involved, everything.

That doesn’t mean Telltale is going to halt their episodic, narrative adventures. They’ve still got loads of different IPs they want to tackle in the future, but they’re waiting for the right time.

We’re superfans of all kinds of stuff and one of the neat things we take pride in is we feel like we can make a Telltale game out of things like Minecraft and Borderlands. There’s nothing that really we don’t kind of think we could do very well.

Telltale’s games over the past few years have all been essentially the same, mechanically at least, which makes the idea of a brand new IP all the more exciting. Will it still be an adventure game, or will Telltale feel safe to spread their wings a little?

Last Updated: February 11, 2015

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