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Telltale’s making a Borderlands game

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I’m honestly quite conflicted. I love Borderlands unequivocally. Very little of that has to do with the story though; it’s all got to do with looting and shooting. I love Telltale equally; their adventure games tell some of the best stories in the videogame medium. I’m just not sure the two will work together.  

That’s what’s happening though. at this weekend’s Spike VGX awards, Telltale and Gearbox announced that an adventure game set in the Borderlands Universe was coming. Tales from the Borderlands is coming as an episodic adventure series, developed wholly by Telltale, using Gearbox assets.

According to Telltale’s Kevin Bruner, it’s “very much in the Borderlands world” but it will “play like a Telltale game.” I remain sceptical,. but I hope that Telltale manages to take Borderland’s wacky characters and flesh them out, producing some genuinely interesting exposition. Still, the core of Borderlands is the loot-a-thon RPG element, and a Borderlands games without seventy three billion guns just doesn’t feel right.

No word on platform, but if it’s anything like previous Telltale adventures, the safe bet is everything.

Last Updated: December 9, 2013

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