TESO’s console client has 15GB day-one patch

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TESO console

Console gaming is great – you can sit on the couch, hold a controller and play on a gorgeous big screen TV. However, not all games and genres make it to all platforms. While Neverwinter is there for MMO fans who want to play on Xbox One, many people have been holding out for The Elder Scroll Online to land on PS4 and Xbox One. Just be prepared to delete some games to make room for the massive client.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited console beta test is set to begin. With the launch date of the full game on 9 June, of course they needed to get the ball rolling. It’s a limited public beta and people should be receiving their invitations as you read this. However, it sounds like a pretty good beta – the full game will be available and there’s no NDA so people can share screens and stream video to their heart’s content. It’s just this bit that has me worried:

ESOTU is an incredibly massive game, both in terms of sheer scope and the data required to bring you this truly enormous experience. At the moment, the client will exceed a 50GB Blu-ray disc which means there will also be a large day-one patch that is somewhere in the region of 15GB.

Um, so we’re looking at 65GB of data? And that’s just the compressed version, isn’t it? That’s what they squeeze onto the disc and then gets unpacked onto the HDD at an even larger size? I’m glad the game is massive in scope, but that massive data size… If a day-one patch can be 15GB, just imagine how big the updates will be for this game. This clearly isn’t made for anyone with slow (read: sub-10MB) or capped internet.

I liked FFXIV on PS4 – that was a fun MMORPG that I really enjoyed. Not enough to pay a subscription at this point in my life, but that’s also because I have a steady stream of review games and not enough hours in the day to play it enough to get my money’s worth. I like that TESO:TU is free so people can jump in and play without committed to a monthly subscription. I just worry about this game – the PC version wasn’t great when we reviewed it and I’m not sure that the console version will fix it.

Last Updated: April 23, 2015

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