Test your survival skills in this new interactive Dying Light trailer!

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I’ve been excited for Dying Light for a long time, even more so since I got some hands on time with it at Gamescom. It is quite literally the love child of any first-person zombie title and Mirrors Edge, blending undead slaying/survival action with some casual parkour. I have high hopes for the game, and I hope it’s really good when it finally releases at the end of January next year. Are you ready for it? Perhaps you should test your survival skills first!

Techland, the developers, have put together an interactive trailer very much in the same vein as a “choose your own adventure” novel. I watched it thinking I would be prompted to do something every couple of minutes. This was not the case at all. Instead, I had to make decisions every 10-20 seconds or so!

It emphasises how open the game is – you get to choose exactly how you want to get to your objective, and what you’ll do to get there. Check it out for yourself!  Sadly, I can’t put this on Vidme for those of you who are unable to access YouTube.

Choose Your Own Path – create your unique playthrough by making decisions and get an early taste of Dying Light. Delve into an open world that’s full of possibilities!

And? How many times did you die? I made one poor YOLO decision at one point, resulting in a very silly death. Remind me to not do that in-game mmmkay? I also left that poor survivor to die because I’m a bastard and I only care for myself. When the hell did I turn into Darryn?

Dying Light will be releasing in just over a month. Will you be getting it? Sandy got hold of some early code this past week, and will have a preview for you to eyeball later today.

Last Updated: December 18, 2014

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