Thanks to the Kinect, now you too can actually kick for real in Bulletstorm

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While we’ve seen some truly great games out on the Kinect, think Fruit Ninja and the Gunstringer, we’ve also seen some really terrible titles make their way over, such as that horrid Kung Fu Panda 2 game.

But the one thing we have yet to see, is the Kinect being used to control an FPS game accurately. That may soon be changing however, as a group of dedicated gamers have managed to integrate the Kinect into a PC version of the kick-heavy action game, Bulletstorm.

Using the Flexible Action and Articulate Skeleton Toolkit, or FAAST, the team showcases gameplay that makes use of hand and foot gestures which allows for players to use the mule-kick and leash actions in Bulletstorm.

Even though actually kicking that many times in a game of Bulletstorm would probably cause my legs to swell up to Chun-Li levels of grotesque muscularity, it still looks fun, and with the Kinect officially arriving on PCs soon, we might just see a lot more of these mods in the near future.

Last Updated: November 8, 2011

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