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The 3DS will be worth the money, really it will!

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Today’s news is pretty much all about one thing; Nintendo’s 3DS. Yesterday we got a release date and some pricing, though local retail cost is to be confirmed. It’s a pricy handheld, launching at the same price the PSP did back in 2005, and almost twice what the original DS cost when it went on sale.

Still, it’s less than we were expecting, and Nintendo wants you to know that it’s worth every cent.

Speaking at yesterday’s event in Amsterdam, Nintendo UK chief David Yarnton and marketing manager James Honeywell have iterated that the very capable device will impress consumers with its value.

“When you look at what it does,’ Yarnton said “compared to anything else on the market and beyond as far as not just gaming… once people get their hands on it it’s is great value because it doesn’t do just what they’d expect from traditional gaming.” Adding that “A lot of the other features that are coming through with it as an entertainment device as well as just gaming – the downloadable content from people like Sky and Eurosport and those sorts of things… with 3D without glasses there’s nothing else on the market at that sort of price.”

Honeywell mirrored Yarnton’s sentiments, saying “I think we feel confident that people will feel that they get value for money from it and they will feel that it’s truly a new experience. I really suggest that everyone comes down and has a go – find one of our events and experience it yourself.”

As a gamer who would make love to his DS if the ports were big enough, March 25th can’t come soon enough – and neither, I suppose, can I.

Source : CVG

Last Updated: January 20, 2011

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