The 3DS will reward you if you exercise

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Nintendo loves making gamers exercise. The Wii, with its motion sensing controllers requiring gamers to do more than thumb buttons on a controller, was the first console of this generation to say, “Hey gamers, you’re fat and nobody loves you. So from now on you’re required to move around for your gaming fix.”

Nintendo’s initial approach was fairly subtle, and gamers dedicated to indolence could still play many of the games with their rears nestled gently amidst a fluffy mass of couch cushions. Nintendo didn’t like this so they released Wii Fit. Now Wii users had no choice but to get up and become physical, assuming they bought one that is.

Now, the 3DS will adhere to Nintendo’s somewhat condescending judgement of gamers’ activity levels.

The 3DS has a pedometer built into it. Being lazy gamers (oh! See what I did there?) you might not know what a pedometer is. It’s a little device that registers each step a person takes; very boring. Well, there’s one in the 3DS and Nintendo is hoping that you’ll be so inseparable with your new toy that it will go everywhere with you in your pocket, quietly tallying the steps you take in your daily routine.

Once you turn in for the night, you can check to see how many steps you took and in all likelihood feel totally judged by your 3DS. To compensate for the knock to your dignity, the 3DS will reward you with Game Coins depending on how far you walked!

The Game Coins can then be used to unlock additional content for your 3DS games. So the Japanese company is quite literally making you work for your add-on content, which is kind of neat actually. Unless, of course, you take the slob route and remain slopped on a couch merely shaking your 3DS up and down to make the pedometer register “steps”.

Source: CVG

Last Updated: January 11, 2011

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