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The Agency Trailer

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Things have been very quite recently about the upcoming MMO game, The Agency.

If my memory serves me right the idea behind The Agency is that we are going to have one huge world where we get to choose which side of the battle we want to be on and then we are going to get the opportunity to run around and play in one of the biggest third person deathmatch games ever.

With the worlds state being constant this would mean that everytime we log on the game will have changed and there will be new objectives for us to achieve.

I obviously instantly worry about our dodgy bandwidth and what would happen to my avatar while I was sleeping… but all in all this is an exciting offering which I will hopefully remember to keep my eye on….

It does look like a whole lot of fun though…. This could end up being a huge title for the PS3…

Last Updated: May 16, 2008

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