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The American sales are in – 22 March 2008

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So earlier this week we saw that the European price cut didn’t do what was expected and the Xbox 360 lost out to the PS3 by 6 000 units…

The latest Japanese sales also came in and the PS3 added an extra 13 000 unit lead over the 360 in that area. (15 680 – 2 580)

So all eyes turned to America to see what happened.

The Wii took this area as well with sales of 228,750 units… Add that to their 113,291 EU sales and 52,938 Japanese sales and you will start to understand the Wii shortage. They sold a massive 395,609 units in a single week…. That’s some obscene profit right there.

The 360 however did manage to regain it’s lead over the PS3 in the US with weekly sales of 92,355 units to create a grand total of 163,477 units sold this week.

The PS3 though managed to shift 82,921 in the US a mere 10 000 units behind the 360 to give them a weekly sales total of 173,239… Meaning they outsold the 360 by 10 000 units in total.

So Sony have something to be happy about but I don’t expect Microsoft to be to sad just yet. Microsoft currently have a 6 700 000 lead over the PS3 and at this rate that will never be overtaken.

Which if my math’s teacher did a good enough job means that the PS3 will still be behind for another 670 weeks or just under 13 years.

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Last Updated: March 28, 2008

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