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Halo Infinite teaser suggests that The Banished are returning

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Sometimes, I wake up and go a full day without ever thinking about Halo Infinite. Other days, I wake up and it’s just there…a part of my memory that seems to tug at my neurons, insistent that I remember that it’s actually a thing. Revealed all the way back in 2018, Halo Infinite has been pretty quiet since, dropping a brief cinematic trailer…last year, I think it was? Other than that, news on Master Chief’s Very Bad, Awful Day (I assume) hasn’t really been shared all that much. So that makes this latest nugget of info more than a little compelling as developer 343 Industries has begun sharing some teasers on the game’s villain…maybe.


The video, posted on the Halo YouTube channel, gives very little away visually. A message pops up indicating that an anomaly has been detected, a transmission received from an unknown source, which is then decoded and reveals a pretty cryptic yet interesting little transcript:

“The hour approaches
Our forces occupy the ring
Within hours it will be under our control
Humanity will burn
Their brazen defiance will be all but a memory
No more Prophets
No more lies
We stand together
Brothers to the end
We are his will
We are his legacy
We are The Banished”

The Banished aren’t a new faction to the Halo universe, as they were established within the canon of Halo Wars 2. They consist of Brutes who rebelled against the Covenant (who doesn’t rebel against the Covenant?) and they’re all about…I actually don’t know, Halo’s lore has always been pretty meh to me. It’s just a teaser trailer, not that Halo Infinite needs to be teased any more, but one should expect more content in the next few weeks especially considering that Microsoft is planning on hosting another showcase of Xbox Series X content in July. Maybe we’ll actually see some gameplay then.

Last Updated: June 25, 2020

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